2 years....

Wow. It's been over 2 years since I have "blogged". Today has been a day of reflection and planning.... prepare yourself. 

First, and foremost, we had a baby! She is the best thing that's ever even considered happening to me. Parenting is the most humbling experience, and I am so thankful for the journey. 

One of the big "changes" from my previous post was that my Dad, who had Alzheimer's was going into a nursing home in two weeks. Well 2 and a half years later, he has just passed away. He was an incredible man. Watching him slip away over time was an eye opening experience. Our family has never been one to take things for granted, but once Alzheimer's hit, that had a whole new meaning. We knew time was going to get the best of him, and eventually time took its toll on his brain and his body and it was time for him to go. The first thing most people think about when they think of Alzheimer's is their loved one not knowing who they are. Luckily, that didn't really happen with Dad. He still lit up and got a big smile with "that twinkle" in his eye, as he often talked about to us, his students, and his players, when we came to visit. The last smile I got was on January 5th, my 30th birthday, and he passed away 23 days later. Although Alzheimer's decided it was time for him to go, we were so lucky that he knew us all that time, even if he couldn't verbalize it. I think that sort of comforts me with dealing with him being gone. 

Another change is that I have a studio space now! Watch out, your girl has gone big time! It is a little rough around the edges, which honestly is kind of fitting for me. It's been a lot of work getting it to where we want it, but I am so thankful to share it with a friend/colleague/business partner of mine. We bounce ideas off of each other really well. Our kids also play super well together there while we work on it. (Mom life, these things are important!) I really enjoy having a place to call my own and somewhere to shoot when its cold outside. This winter has been more fun than ever! Although I didn't anticipate the challenges it has brought about, I am loving facing them and working around them and hopefully improving every day! That's what life is all about, after all! 

I suppose those three things have been what has kept me from blogging. Every year I am shooting more than ever. What's that quote, "find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life"? That about sums it up. Add a toddler in the mix and you kind of lose time to do a lot of things, at least until they take a nap! Busy is a good thing and I am forever grateful for the things that are keeping me that way. 

Now to get back to "planning" while the wheels are still turning! 


Hi. I say it every single time.... "I never blog... sorry." I feel like I am such an open book and that so many of you turn into family and friends anyways, you guys already know what's going on with me, so do I really need a blog?

However, I haven't been posting as much on my page lately, particularly in the past 2 months, and especially since my *fabulous* vacation. I feel like I should tell you guys what's going on and maybe why. 

Why haven't I been as vocal on my page? Life. Life has happened and smacked us (me and my hubby and my immediate family) right in the face. Right on the bridge of your nose, right between the eyes where you can't help but pour tears like a leaky freakin faucet. 

Almost two months ago, my husband lost a close friend. Any friend of my husband's, is naturally a friend of mine. That's how things work with us. I knew him, I knew his kids, I loved him and I loved his kids.... Life came to a halt when Joe passed. It was a sudden tragic accident and he left behind the nicest group of friends and family. We were somewhat new to this group, but everyone treated us like family, because that's how things work with Joe and his. With Joe's passing came a realization. He made everyone he knew a better person. He made my husband a better husband and a better friend and he made me realize that maybe I don't need to stay in my office and work all night every night while he is in the other room. I have started to make more time for my personal life and the people I care about. I still care about and love my job... but I love my husband more. 

Two weeks ago today my family decided that it is time for my dad, who has been battling Alzheimer's for 4 years, to go live in a nursing home. My mom has been his sole caretaker and it has just gotten too hard. He's started getting combative, falling, and wandering off. If you ever have had the pleasure of knowing my dad (especially pre-Alz) you know that he is sweet, athletic, strong, and wouldn't dream of leaving us.

Dreading the day since the decision, yesterday was moving day. I haven't been myself and neither has my family. This has definitely made us stronger as a whole and closer as we make decisions together, but right now it is just not easy. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My heart just feels broken. 

It will be taking longer for me to respond to emails, texts, phone calls, as I have already noticed a difference. It will also take more time for me to get your photos back to you. I plan to visit him  every day. He still knows who I am, and still has a little twinkle in his eye and I want to scoop as much of that up as I can because I know it is going to be not very long at all before that changes. 

I have been told to stop apologizing on my page by a person I admire, love, and has been a supporter since before day one. With that in mind, I am not apologizing. I actually refuse to apologize for this one. (I'm sort of an over-apologizer and tend to apologize even when it's not necessary.) I am going to still be a full time photographer as long as you guys will allow me, but I also want to be a full time wife, daughter, Aunt Kiki, sister, puppy mommy and friend to the people who matter to me the most. If I don't have them, I am nothing. 

A lot of you have already been super supportive and for that, I am eternally grateful. You have no idea what that means to my family and I. Let's celebrate on Saturday with the Walk to End Alzheimer's. 




I am really over this damn cold weather! 

Luckily, I have picked up BOUDOIR photography and it is so much freakin fun! I absolutely love when I get to try new things and expand my abilities, and it definitely helps me stay busy while no one wants to shoot outside. Normally, I don't let things like cold weather stand in my way, plus snow pictures are gorgeous. But today I had to reschedule a shoot because it was only supposed to be 14 degrees today or something crazy.... ain't no body got time for that!  I had to venture out to get some studio/office supplies and deliver some CDs, but if I had the choice to stay inside, I would have. 

Anyways I wanted to share this pic with you I snapped on the way home from my boudoir shoot yesterday :) I even got out of the car for it... like I said, it's damn cold! 


Anyways this pic reminded me of two things. One, the importance of lighting. Lighting is EVERYTHING in photography.  And two, I really need to start shooting for myself again. It keeps my juices flowing.... it's always nice to stay inspired :) Wish me luck!

I need sunshine

Hello, my fellow Southerners/Midwesterners! Who else is ready for sunshine and temps maybe above 35? Although some of you have taken advantage of the snow for some gorgeous engagement (or deployment) photos, I must say I am not swamped and it's boring around here right now. However, I have been busier than I anticipated this past month so I give you all my love for that. (That will never get old!!) The studio space is coming along more and more and my office is becoming more organized but what fun is organizing compared to playing with babies and meeting new families?!

Anyways, I want more ideas on shooting inside since it's cold out and apparently never letting up. Does you have any buildings that you absolutely love in the tristate area?  All I got is Krohn Conservatory and Lunken Airport and I need to expand my horizons and get some variety up in here! Help!  

Also, while I am asking for suggestions on locations, do you have any suggestions for me in terms of anything else I've been doing photography related? I really love to hear from you guys, always! 

I have a few ideas I want to implement this year, or in the next year or so, and have already made a few changes behind the scenes that make me a better business woman in the long run. I can't help be excited for the future :) 

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy new year everyone! What better way to start out the new year than photographing a brand new baby girl, Blakely!? Can't wait to show her photos off, she's super cute, and was super alert! (Although I bet as soon as I left she fell into a deep slumber, I wore that little super model out!) 

2013 was the best year of my life so far, not only personally, but professionally as well :) 

I have everything I have ever wanted :) I am so happy to have met so many wonderful new people this past year, and I am stoked to meet more of you! 

Happy 2014, let's make it fabulous!  

Oh, January!

Every December is the same, and so is every January. I was swamped this December, just like last December, but more (not complaining, I was stoked!). But January is dead and dreaded and a little scary. Everyone is broke from Christmas and the weather completely sucks. 

But this year is going to be different, I have faith. I have a new in-home studio here at my humble abode to photograph small kids in (it's a small spare bedroom, I'm not playing favorites) and I am running a special! It is called the don't make me go back to work January special. Because of you guys, my loyal clients and your big mouths talking about how great my work is, I haven't had to work at my serving job at good old Red Lobster nearly as much (we are talking like, hardly ever). Anyways, the special is $50 off a regular session, making it $100 for an hour long session including at least 50 digital images on a cd for you to print. It really is a steal of a deal and you guys should totally take advantage of it and change the emptiness of my calendar,  see exhibit A below. 


I just got this big bad boy today, much more efficient than the other tiny one I had before.

With that said, 2014 is all about organization! I have plans to not only organize my studio and home office better, but the way I track client info, expenses, income, and all that other boring business crap I am clueless on. I am utilizing the help of the super kind folks over at KHBOffice here in Florence. I have an appointment next week! Gonna get my businesswoman panties on! 

Can't wait to see you guys in the new year! Be safe, have fun, and take lots of pics! 


A married woman!

Hey there, Nikki P Photography lovers! I am officially a married woman! And now that I am honeymooned and relaxed it is time to get back to work.  

First off, let me just say, the stars aligned on October 12th and we had the most perfect weather for our most perfect wedding day, and it continued to sunny and beautiful Florida. (You better believe I will show off my photos when I get them back!)  However, I missed my house and my puppy (like, a lot!) and am so glad to be back and especially back to work. I am loving how busy you guys are keeping me!

Yesterday I did anniversary photos at McGlasson Farm's pumpkin patch, a small wedding, and senior pics for my new cousin! The weather was typical fall, off and on sun, windy and colllldddd. Today was gorgeous sunny day with a family of 4 on a farm out in Grant's Lick and engagement photos for my friends, Andrew and Lauren on UC's campus where they met. It wasn't my first time on UC's campus, but the first time I have paid attention to how gorgeous it is! Annnnd the football stadium is at the center of campus and its open, so anyone can go in. 

Feeling like a lucky girl after this amazing work weekend!


Time is of the Essence

Hey Nikki P followers :) Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what's going on on in my life, and give you a heads up on why I am not answering your emails come next week!

I am busier than ever, booking appointments, editing my butt off, and doing final projects for this wedding that is happening in 10 days! I have a decent amount of little things to finish, but it is so hard to "priortize" my free time when everything is equally as important! But, don't get me wrong, I am having so much fun. Still can't believe I am getting married! 

With that said, I will be unavailable for contact (probably) October 10-21. On the 10th and 11th I will be freaking out running all over the place getting things set up and organized (ahhh, the beauty of DIY weddings). On the 12th I will be getting hitched, the 13th taking down and cleaning up my venue. And the rest of that time off I will be lounging on the beach and dock at our rental home, fishing, swimming, shopping, etc. It may just kill me not to work.... On the 22nd, it's game on and back at it getting caught up on editing and answering emails and phone calls, booking appointments, etc.  

Soooo if you want to book and appointment, go ahead and send me a message, email, or text and we will get ya set up! Don't wait til the last minute... I am too popular for that these days :) 


Hey again! I have locked myself in my house for the past two days (minus going to work at lovely Red Lobster) to get some editing done. Last week was consumed by wedding planning and a few shoots, so every second of my day has been accounted for lately, and none of that was working on photos, so I am a bit behind, but playing catch-up and making good progress!

I am also planning my honeymoon... woot woooooot!!! so I guess I have taken a small break to find deals and book flights! 

Anyways, I have had a lot of new clients lately, which obviously is an awesome way to help me to take over the world :) It's been really cool seeing my little business expand and I think it's safe to say that I am on my way! So thanks to you guys who keep talking about me and sending people my way. Also, don't forget to use your referral discount, I usually don't remember so you gotta bring it up! They are always in with your CD, so save yourself a little money! $15 bucks is 15 cheeseburgers at McDonald's!

Anyways, just wanted to drop a line. Someday I will blog regularly.... :)


New gear whhaaaaatttt?!

So this girl got a new camera last night :) :) :) I got a Canon 6D.... finally full frame! And I am loving it so much. I'm a big girl now! I have been playing around with it all day but I can't wait to do a shoot with it.... which may happen tomorrow (technically today)! 

Also, one of the reasons I went ahead and bought my new camera is because my niece is trying to be born early and I will be in the (dark) delivery room when she does and this camera will do better in such situation. So I want to go ahead and warn you guys that if we have something scheduled, baby Charleigh trumps you and we may have to reschedule, just be prepared! (Unless your name is Lauren Brinkman)

Lastly, I am loving how busy you guys have kept me lately! I can't get enough of the continued support and also the referrals are out of this world. Don't forget to mention the referral cards you get next time you book a shoot!  (For those of you who don't know, I put them in with the CD for a discount next time!) 

I just wanted to drop a line to you guys, it's been awhile since I have blogged. Keep in touch! I love hearing how everyone is doing :)  



Ohhh heyy there!

Well hey there! I don't know why I never write on here... I ALWAYS have something to say :)  

I recently made myself an office in my new house, which, if you know me, makes me really excited. It doesn't take much.... it's the small things in life! I feel much more official and organized now. I do feel like I have room to grow. TO THE TOP! 

I am also currently looking for a full time job. I have a part time job along with Nikki P Photography but I want and need more. I need benefits, a 401K and most of all a change! So no more daytime photo shoots if I get what I want! I will keep you posted and some day hopefully I won't have to work anywhere else but for you guys! 

Long time no talky

Well, it's been a bit since I have blogged, but I have had a LOT going on. I have been in the very frustrating process of moving for almost a month now. But we are finally closing on our very first home on Thursday and we are both so excited! Been a little stressed with the way this whole process has being going down but I am just elated to get in there and finally have a yard to let my Minnie puppy run around in! 

I have been taking bunches of pictures lately and I am loving every second of it. It's like the best day ever, every time I take pictures. I hope you're keeping up with them on my Facebook page, because there are tons of cute kids and cute couples on there! :) 

Another busy weekend ahead of me, more shoots on Saturday and into the new house, and having my own engagement photos taken. I got my first spray tan today in preparation for them. I know, it makes no sense to do something (drastic) like that before a big event. If you know me personally, you know that nothing I do makes sense, but I guess it's more fun that way. I will update you on how I look tomorrow I guess after this has all had a chance to settle in. Not gonna lie, I am a tad nervous. Hopefully I don't end up looking like Tan Mom


I experienced such a cool thing on my way back from my shoot in Ripley on Saturday. At the Brown County Rural Water Reserve there were 3 photographers posted up outside the gates with tripods and telephoto lenses. Me being super nosey, I pulled over and asked what was going on. There was an eagle in the tree straight ahead with 3 little babies in it's nest! How freaking cool is that? My mom LOVES eagles, so I had to get out my camera, sans telephoto lens, embarrassingly enough, and at least try to get something for her to see! One of the photographers, who was a super nice man, let me use his extra telephoto lens to try and get a good shot. I was so grateful! I thought that was a really nice thing for him to do, considering I just met him. Anyways, my photos turned out ok, not as sharp as I would like, which is even more incentive for me to get that new camera I have been dying for. I WILL get a new one as soon as I close on my new house :) 

Anyways, I am going on vacation this weekend with my fiance for our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I am so excited, especially after today. Today I had quite the scare. I took my puppy for a walk at a park to wear her out, since it was the first day we left her out of her crate while we were gone. I had hopes for her to sleep a lot so she wouldn't be bored. To the point, on the way back she got really into sticking her head out the window and letting the wind hit her face and blow her precious little white fur back. She got so excited that she decide to jump out the window of the car while I was driving 40 mph. Luckily, she landed in the grass and was ok, but I was not. Basket-freaking-case! I can't believe she did that, and I can't believe she managed to be ok. 

But before I go on vacation, I am super excited to photograph two new little ones, a newborn and a 4 year old :) Love meeting new clients!

Hoping tomorrow is relaxing.

Days like today...

Days like today make so happy my life is the way it is.  

I had TWO shoots today. I have sooo missed being busy and having work to do. Lots of work to do gives me NO reason to not be productive. 

You want productive? I'll show you productive.... attended dr appointment with my hot (mess) fiance, burned a cd and mailed it out along with half my tax forms (siiiiick), photographed beautiful Miss Sophia, had lunch with fiance, played with puppy, met with the Cronenweth's at Krohn Conservatory and photographed their gorgeous family, edited all of Sophia's photos and posted them on Facebook for the world to see, made dinner (which was a failure), and began to edit second shoot. 

BOOM! That's a good day for ya. 

I will post photos tomorrow from Sophia and Declan & Chloe's shoots :)

Thanks for stoppin by again! 



Hi! Welcome to my long-awaited little website!

For so long I have relied on Facebook only to display my work. Don't get me wrong, social media is AMAZING, but I finally feel like all of the "bells and whistles" (if you will) are completely and utterly 100% necessary in order to expand and grow. Now all of the information you need is one place, and isn't it pretty fancy too?

Last year was a phenomenal year, quite humbling actually, and this year is expected to be even better! (By "this year" I mean sort of like "season" since I rely on Mother Nature to bless me with a studio until I can afford one of my own, when spring starts is when my schedule really fills up!) I really do owe everything to my incredibly loyal client base, showing off their photos and my family members, all with big mouths always braggin on me and stacks of cards ready to hand out! I truly feel so blessed to do what I love for "work". 

Anyways, before I ramble on toooo much, take a look around, schedule an appointment, and share away!