Hi! Welcome to my long-awaited little website!

For so long I have relied on Facebook only to display my work. Don't get me wrong, social media is AMAZING, but I finally feel like all of the "bells and whistles" (if you will) are completely and utterly 100% necessary in order to expand and grow. Now all of the information you need is one place, and isn't it pretty fancy too?

Last year was a phenomenal year, quite humbling actually, and this year is expected to be even better! (By "this year" I mean sort of like "season" since I rely on Mother Nature to bless me with a studio until I can afford one of my own, when spring starts is when my schedule really fills up!) I really do owe everything to my incredibly loyal client base, showing off their photos and my family members, all with big mouths always braggin on me and stacks of cards ready to hand out! I truly feel so blessed to do what I love for "work". 

Anyways, before I ramble on toooo much, take a look around, schedule an appointment, and share away!