Children's photograph

Days like today...

Days like today make so happy my life is the way it is.  

I had TWO shoots today. I have sooo missed being busy and having work to do. Lots of work to do gives me NO reason to not be productive. 

You want productive? I'll show you productive.... attended dr appointment with my hot (mess) fiance, burned a cd and mailed it out along with half my tax forms (siiiiick), photographed beautiful Miss Sophia, had lunch with fiance, played with puppy, met with the Cronenweth's at Krohn Conservatory and photographed their gorgeous family, edited all of Sophia's photos and posted them on Facebook for the world to see, made dinner (which was a failure), and began to edit second shoot. 

BOOM! That's a good day for ya. 

I will post photos tomorrow from Sophia and Declan & Chloe's shoots :)

Thanks for stoppin by again!