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Oh, January!

Every December is the same, and so is every January. I was swamped this December, just like last December, but more (not complaining, I was stoked!). But January is dead and dreaded and a little scary. Everyone is broke from Christmas and the weather completely sucks. 

But this year is going to be different, I have faith. I have a new in-home studio here at my humble abode to photograph small kids in (it's a small spare bedroom, I'm not playing favorites) and I am running a special! It is called the don't make me go back to work January special. Because of you guys, my loyal clients and your big mouths talking about how great my work is, I haven't had to work at my serving job at good old Red Lobster nearly as much (we are talking like, hardly ever). Anyways, the special is $50 off a regular session, making it $100 for an hour long session including at least 50 digital images on a cd for you to print. It really is a steal of a deal and you guys should totally take advantage of it and change the emptiness of my calendar,  see exhibit A below. 


I just got this big bad boy today, much more efficient than the other tiny one I had before.

With that said, 2014 is all about organization! I have plans to not only organize my studio and home office better, but the way I track client info, expenses, income, and all that other boring business crap I am clueless on. I am utilizing the help of the super kind folks over at KHBOffice here in Florence. I have an appointment next week! Gonna get my businesswoman panties on! 

Can't wait to see you guys in the new year! Be safe, have fun, and take lots of pics! 


Days like today...

Days like today make so happy my life is the way it is.  

I had TWO shoots today. I have sooo missed being busy and having work to do. Lots of work to do gives me NO reason to not be productive. 

You want productive? I'll show you productive.... attended dr appointment with my hot (mess) fiance, burned a cd and mailed it out along with half my tax forms (siiiiick), photographed beautiful Miss Sophia, had lunch with fiance, played with puppy, met with the Cronenweth's at Krohn Conservatory and photographed their gorgeous family, edited all of Sophia's photos and posted them on Facebook for the world to see, made dinner (which was a failure), and began to edit second shoot. 

BOOM! That's a good day for ya. 

I will post photos tomorrow from Sophia and Declan & Chloe's shoots :)

Thanks for stoppin by again!