Hey again! I have locked myself in my house for the past two days (minus going to work at lovely Red Lobster) to get some editing done. Last week was consumed by wedding planning and a few shoots, so every second of my day has been accounted for lately, and none of that was working on photos, so I am a bit behind, but playing catch-up and making good progress!

I am also planning my honeymoon... woot woooooot!!! so I guess I have taken a small break to find deals and book flights! 

Anyways, I have had a lot of new clients lately, which obviously is an awesome way to help me to take over the world :) It's been really cool seeing my little business expand and I think it's safe to say that I am on my way! So thanks to you guys who keep talking about me and sending people my way. Also, don't forget to use your referral discount, I usually don't remember so you gotta bring it up! They are always in with your CD, so save yourself a little money! $15 bucks is 15 cheeseburgers at McDonald's!

Anyways, just wanted to drop a line. Someday I will blog regularly.... :)