A married woman!

Hey there, Nikki P Photography lovers! I am officially a married woman! And now that I am honeymooned and relaxed it is time to get back to work.  

First off, let me just say, the stars aligned on October 12th and we had the most perfect weather for our most perfect wedding day, and it continued to sunny and beautiful Florida. (You better believe I will show off my photos when I get them back!)  However, I missed my house and my puppy (like, a lot!) and am so glad to be back and especially back to work. I am loving how busy you guys are keeping me!

Yesterday I did anniversary photos at McGlasson Farm's pumpkin patch, a small wedding, and senior pics for my new cousin! The weather was typical fall, off and on sun, windy and colllldddd. Today was gorgeous sunny day with a family of 4 on a farm out in Grant's Lick and engagement photos for my friends, Andrew and Lauren on UC's campus where they met. It wasn't my first time on UC's campus, but the first time I have paid attention to how gorgeous it is! Annnnd the football stadium is at the center of campus and its open, so anyone can go in. 

Feeling like a lucky girl after this amazing work weekend!