Time is of the Essence

Hey Nikki P followers :) Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what's going on on in my life, and give you a heads up on why I am not answering your emails come next week!

I am busier than ever, booking appointments, editing my butt off, and doing final projects for this wedding that is happening in 10 days! I have a decent amount of little things to finish, but it is so hard to "priortize" my free time when everything is equally as important! But, don't get me wrong, I am having so much fun. Still can't believe I am getting married! 

With that said, I will be unavailable for contact (probably) October 10-21. On the 10th and 11th I will be freaking out running all over the place getting things set up and organized (ahhh, the beauty of DIY weddings). On the 12th I will be getting hitched, the 13th taking down and cleaning up my venue. And the rest of that time off I will be lounging on the beach and dock at our rental home, fishing, swimming, shopping, etc. It may just kill me not to work.... On the 22nd, it's game on and back at it getting caught up on editing and answering emails and phone calls, booking appointments, etc.  

Soooo if you want to book and appointment, go ahead and send me a message, email, or text and we will get ya set up! Don't wait til the last minute... I am too popular for that these days :)