I am really over this damn cold weather! 

Luckily, I have picked up BOUDOIR photography and it is so much freakin fun! I absolutely love when I get to try new things and expand my abilities, and it definitely helps me stay busy while no one wants to shoot outside. Normally, I don't let things like cold weather stand in my way, plus snow pictures are gorgeous. But today I had to reschedule a shoot because it was only supposed to be 14 degrees today or something crazy.... ain't no body got time for that!  I had to venture out to get some studio/office supplies and deliver some CDs, but if I had the choice to stay inside, I would have. 

Anyways I wanted to share this pic with you I snapped on the way home from my boudoir shoot yesterday :) I even got out of the car for it... like I said, it's damn cold! 


Anyways this pic reminded me of two things. One, the importance of lighting. Lighting is EVERYTHING in photography.  And two, I really need to start shooting for myself again. It keeps my juices flowing.... it's always nice to stay inspired :) Wish me luck!