full frame

New gear whhaaaaatttt?!

So this girl got a new camera last night :) :) :) I got a Canon 6D.... finally full frame! And I am loving it so much. I'm a big girl now! I have been playing around with it all day but I can't wait to do a shoot with it.... which may happen tomorrow (technically today)! 

Also, one of the reasons I went ahead and bought my new camera is because my niece is trying to be born early and I will be in the (dark) delivery room when she does and this camera will do better in such situation. So I want to go ahead and warn you guys that if we have something scheduled, baby Charleigh trumps you and we may have to reschedule, just be prepared! (Unless your name is Lauren Brinkman)

Lastly, I am loving how busy you guys have kept me lately! I can't get enough of the continued support and also the referrals are out of this world. Don't forget to mention the referral cards you get next time you book a shoot!  (For those of you who don't know, I put them in with the CD for a discount next time!) 

I just wanted to drop a line to you guys, it's been awhile since I have blogged. Keep in touch! I love hearing how everyone is doing :)