I need sunshine

Hello, my fellow Southerners/Midwesterners! Who else is ready for sunshine and temps maybe above 35? Although some of you have taken advantage of the snow for some gorgeous engagement (or deployment) photos, I must say I am not swamped and it's boring around here right now. However, I have been busier than I anticipated this past month so I give you all my love for that. (That will never get old!!) The studio space is coming along more and more and my office is becoming more organized but what fun is organizing compared to playing with babies and meeting new families?!

Anyways, I want more ideas on shooting inside since it's cold out and apparently never letting up. Does you have any buildings that you absolutely love in the tristate area?  All I got is Krohn Conservatory and Lunken Airport and I need to expand my horizons and get some variety up in here! Help!  

Also, while I am asking for suggestions on locations, do you have any suggestions for me in terms of anything else I've been doing photography related? I really love to hear from you guys, always! 

I have a few ideas I want to implement this year, or in the next year or so, and have already made a few changes behind the scenes that make me a better business woman in the long run. I can't help be excited for the future :)